Careclean’s September Monthly Offer

Careclean have nearly 40 years of upholstery cleaning experience, so if you are looking for armchair cleaning in Essex, then look no further! Better yet, throughout September, we have an offer running where you can get one armchair cleaned completely free of charge!

p.s. don’t worry if you are reading this and it’s no longer September – if this is the case, we have another offer for you further down the page.

Careclean’s September offer

For many of us September will signal a new chapter – the changing weather, the kids going back to school, and the shorter days. So, to ease you into autumn we have a fantastic new offer for you. How does a free armchair clean sound? Here’s the offer…

Have your 3-piece suite cleaned and get one of your armchairs cleaned for free

Have you spilt something on your sofa recently? Or maybe it’s just looking a little grubby? But if you get your sofa cleaned, it’s likely you will want your 2 armchairs cleaning also? Well if that’s the case, why not take advantage of Careclean’s September monthly offer? Just book in to have your 3-piece suite cleaned, and during September, we’ll deduct the price of one of your armchairs!

Careclean’s 5 step upholstery cleaning process

Every piece of furniture we clean, will receive the following treatment:

  1. Preparing the area – Before we start cleaning, we will place the furniture which is to be cleaned on a protective sheet. This will help to protect your carpets and other furniture during the cleaning process. We will also give your upholstery a high filtration vacuum if required.
  2. Eco-friendly pre spray – Next, we will pre-spot your upholstery with our eco-friendly pre-spray. We will also use a specially adapted brush to work the pre-spray into the fibres. As a result, any tough ground in particles and/or stains will be lifted ready for the main clean.
  3. Hot water extraction machine – We use leading cleaning technology to ensure a premium clean. With the help of a specially adapted cleaning tool, our van mounted machine heats and shoots our cleaning solution into your upholstery at high pressure to break up dirt and stains.
  4. Residue rinse – Our machine then produces a large vacuum to draw the dirt and chemicals out of your upholstery. It also lifts the fibres to leave your upholstery with that ‘brand new’ finish.
  5. Grooming – Where appropriate we will groom your furniture to leave it in best possible condition. For example (dependent on fabric/material), we usually run a grooming bush over the fibres to ensure they are as tangle-free and fluffy as possible.
  6. Protection treatment (optional) – For long-lasting results, we can also add a protection treatment to your upholstery.  This treatment is sprayed on and brushed in.

Armchair cleaning in Essex – how do I claim my free armchair clean?

Have your 3-piece suite cleaned and get one of your armchairs cleaned for free

To claim your free armchair clean, give Careclean a call during September on 01245 323989 and quote this offer. We will then arrange for one of our professional team to come out to your home and give you a free quote. Once you have booked in to have your 3-piece suite cleaned, we will deduct the cost of one of your armchairs.

armchair cleaning in Essex

Reading this after September?

Just call us on 01245 323989 and quote ‘September extended offer’. If you book in to have you 3 piece suite cleaned, we will deduct 25% of the cost of one of your armchairs.

COVID-19 update – Careclean would like to assure you that the health of both our staff and customers is top priority. We are closely following government guidelines, and as a cleaning company, hand washing and sanitation are part of our daily routine. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01245 323989.

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