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Careclean’s Carpet Cleaning Packages Explained

Careclean’s carpet cleaning packages explained…

Today we will run through Careclean’s cleaning packages. Are you looking to have your carpets or upholstery cleaned but you are not sure what type of clean to go for? This article will help.  Careclean offers a range of cleaning packages to suit all budgets and requirements. Read on to find out about our 3 main cleaning packages…


This package is designed for those people who want professionally cleaned carpets and upholstery but are running to a budget.  However, don’t get the idea that this is just a cheap type of brush-off cleaning.  We only have one standard of cleaning: thorough, professional and exhaustive, and you will get just that with this package. With this option, your clean will include the following: high filtration vacuum, pre-treatment to problem areas/stains, high quality clean with our top of the range truck mounted hot water extraction machine, upholstery grooming, and the use of a rapid dry system where possible.


This package is designed for those people who really value their carpets and upholstery.  It helps you to get the best out of your investment, and will help your carpets last as long as possible.  You get everything in the CLEAN ONLY package but in addition we apply a STAIN PROTECTOR.  This will protect against permanent staining and to help to keep the carpets and upholstery cleaner for longer.


We have developed this programme to be the easiest, most cost-effective and hassle-free way for you to enjoy the cleanest, healthiest and fluffiest carpets all year round, year after year and at no more investment than your annual cleaning with us.  You get everything in the CLEAN AND PROTECT package which is discounted by 50% for your first clean.  We then return in 6 months to carry out a FREE re-fresh highlight clean. Furthermore, whilst on the plan you will get unlimited spot and stain call-outs. Finally, you also get a fantastic 20% off all our other services.
Still not sure what option to go for? Book a FREE quote with Careclean by phoning our friendly and professional team on 01245 323 989. After we have assessed your carpets/upholstery, we will give you a breakdown of costs for each of the above so you can decide what is best option for you. You can find out more about our carpet cleaning services here.

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