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Careclean’s Spotter

Careclean’s Spotter

Here at Careclean, we understand that when you have an occasional spill or stain, it isn’t always necessary to call out a professional cleaner. Therefore, today’s blog will give you some simple tips you can use at home to prevent everyday spills becoming stains. We will also tell you all about Careclean’s Spotter which can be a great help when you have more tricky harder-to-remove stains.

Careclean’s top tips for removing stains

Stains generally occur when a substance dries on a fabric. Therefore it is very important to try to remove the offending substance while it is still damp. Here is our quick and simple guide on how to do this:

  1. Linked to the above, act fast when you spill something. Use anything absorbent such as a towel or some tissue, and dab the liquid out. Do not rub hard as this tends to spread the substance and can damage the carpet pile. Be very patient, take your time and remove as much as possible this way.
  2. Next, using a damp cloth, dab the area gently, and then repeat step 1 with a dry cloth to again remove as much moisture as possible.
  3. DON’T be tempted to put lots of soapy substances/chemicals/cleaning solutions onto the area unless you are prepared to completely rinse them out. They might temporarily disguise the mark but as soon as the soap dries, the area will become sticky attracting any dirt and dust that’s floating around, which can lead to a bigger stain in the future!
  4. In most cases the above method will work, however if it doesn’t, or if you think you need something a little stronger, then you can try Careclean’s Spotter…

Careclean’s Spotter

If the above method doesn’t work, then Careclean’s spotter is very effective at removing stubborn water based stains left by everyday spills from food and drink. Better yet, you can use it yourself at home!

Careclean's Spotter

Benefits of Careclean’s Spotter:

  • Foam free – Unlike other spotters, ours does not leave foam in the carpet. As we explained above foamy/soapy substances will leave a sticky residue on the carpet and attract dirt, developing future stains.
  • Whitener free – it has no whiteners in, so there is no worry about it ‘bleaching’ your carpet!
  • Versatile – as well as carpets, you can also use it on your upholstery if needed.
  • Long lasting – for just £12, you get a 500ml bottle. With just a small spray per spill needed, it’s guaranteed to last a long time!

How to use Careclean’s Spotter:

  1. Blot as much of the spill away as possible with a dry cloth/tissue. Go straight to step 2 if you have already tried removing the spill with our simple water and cloth technique (as explained earlier).
  2. With your Spotter, spray a light mist over the spill/mark and keep blotting.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you can no longer see evidence of the spill.
  4. Finally, using a damp, clean cloth, blot again to remove any final traces.

*although very gentle on your carpets and upholstery, we do recommend that you do a pre-test in an inconspicuous area before use.

How do I get a bottle of spotter?

Call Careclean today on 01245 323989 to order yours, and one of our team will arrange a suitable time to drop it off to you. You can also ask our friendly and knowledgeable team, extra tips and advice on removing stains. Plus you can book a free cleaning quote if you think it’s time for a professional clean.

Finally, you can also follow the following links for more specialist stain removal tips:

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