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Carpet Care – Careclean’s top tips…

How do I keep my carpets looking better for longer?

Let’s face it: carpets aren’t cheap. They can also be a lot of hassle to replace. So, today’s blog will provide some simple carpet care tips so you can keep your carpets looking better for longer, saving you both time and money!

People often assume that their carpets and upholstery are clean simply because they look clean, but unfortunately, this is not true. Even carpets and upholstery that look spotless may have collected germs, dust and soil below the surface. In fact, carpets contribute to improved air quality because they trap dirt in their pile. This is great for eliminating allergens in the home, but it also means that you need to look after your carpets for a round, healthy home.

Carpet care – some simple maintenance tips

Fortunately, tending to the needs of your carpet – and, as a result, improving the appearance and health of your home – is easy when you know how. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your carpets:

  1. Vacuum your carpets at least twice a week. We advise this because up to 80% of carpet dirt is loose and removable with regular vacuuming!
  2. Rotate your furniture occasionally. This helps to prevent premature carpet wear and soiling in regular traffic areas of your house.
  3. Take great caution with rental or home steam cleaners. Although these can be effective, if you don’t remove the majority of the water, your carpets could easily become an unhealthy environment. High moisture levels can leak through to the carpet back and underlay which can promote the growth of mould and mildew. Furthermore, if not properly rinsed out, the carpet will re soil much quicker!
  4. Have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year. To increase the life and appearance of your carpets and upholstery, you should have them professionally cleaned every year, even before you recognise visible surface dirt. This will give your soft furnishings a thorough deep clean and will help to lift the pile.
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Feel like it’s time for a professional clean? Call Careclean today on 01245 323989 to book in your free quote or visit our carpet cleaning page to find out more.

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