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Where did those stains come from?

We often write blog posts on how to deal with everyday spills and how to prevent carpet stains. However, occasionally you may not have realised that you’ve spilt something until weeks or even months later, when a stain appears.  In fact, you may have some New Year’s Eve carpet stains appearing now. Don’t panic though! In this blog post, we will tell you what to do…
carpet stains

Where did those carpet stains come from?

Oh, if we had a pound for every time customers say this to us! Suddenly for no reason at all you find spots on your carpet, usually several the size of drips. The reason people are puzzled is that these are usually caused a few weeks/months before they show up.


Let’s say on New Year’s Eve, you have some friends over for a few drinks. Then someone spills a couple of drops of wine when they lean over to get the snacks. Or you open a can of fizzy drink on a hot Summer’s day and a few drops splash out. Now at the time, you may say, oh it’s fine, there’s no mark and carry on with your day. However, although it doesn’t show immediately, the residue will remain in the carpet and attract dirt, with a mark becoming more pronounced over time.

So what can you do?

From our experience most people use something soapy on the carpet stains: carpet shampoo, washing up liquid, soap or anything else that happens to be under the kitchen sink. However if you’ve read our recent blogs, you will know that although this often appears to remove the stains, if you don’t remove all the cleaner from the carpet it will attract dirt, over time bringing back the stain!
Our advice is simple. Just use warm water, and soak it into the spots using a cloth and then blot clean and dry with a clean towel. NEVER rub or scrub; this will just damage your carpet fibres and can make the stain a lot worse!

Stain still there?

If the above doesn’t work on your carpet stains, then you can use a non-foaming carpet spotter. Careclean sells these for £12 a bottle; unlike most other spotters, ours does not leave foam in the carpet. Call our office on 01245 323989 to order your spotter and/or to book a free carpet cleaning quote today!

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