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We rarely give prices over the phone or by email – why you ask? Well, we believe that to accurately advise on your carpet cleaning needs and to quote a price for these, we need to see your carpet and upholstery first. Our quoting process or ‘Healthy Home Audit’ as we like to refer to it is completely free of charge. Furthermore, we will arrange it at a time to suit you, and there is absolutely no obligation to book with us after. Read on to find out what our Healthy Home Audit includes…

Healthy Home Audit

  • Bespoke advice  – our Healthy Home Audit is more than just providing you with a quote, we also give you advice on how to look after your carpets/upholstery. The more rooms you show us, the better advice we can give.
  • Customer Care – as soon as you answer the door you will notice our respect and love towards carpets… we always wear plastic ‘booties’ over our shoes so we don’t bring in any dirt or pollutants!
  • The Audit – we inspect your carpet(s)/upholstery and discuss all your areas of concern. We will enter all our findings into our laptop and produce for you a 3-page Healthy Home Report there and then.
  • The Quotation – The report offers a range of packages for you. We will personally advise which cleaning package is best suited for your needs, but the choice is yours.

What happens next?

You can book your chosen package there and then. Or if you need time to think/discuss with your partner/housemate(s) then that’s fine too! We will leave you with a copy of your Healthy Home Audit so you have all the details you need.

…want to book in your free Healthy Home Audit? Call Careclean today on 01245 323 989 or request one online.

… and for more information on how we work out our prices, click here.

Healthy Home Audit

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