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Professional Cleaning – Careclean’s 8-step process

Are you thinking about getting your carpet(s) cleaned? Well, have a read of today’s blog and find out all about Careclean’s excellent 9-step professional cleaning process. We offer a range of carpet cleaning packages. Better yet, all of these include our ‘deep cleaning’ normally referred to as ‘hot water extraction’, which is the best method and the most healthy option for your carpets! Read on to find out more…

Careclean’s 9-step professional cleaning process

  1. Move Furniture – We will happily move any larger furnishings – such as chairs and tables – but just ask if you can remove smaller valuable items such as ornaments before we arrive.
  2. High Filtration Vacuum – We will usually then give the area a quick vacuum to ensure we have removed all loose soil/particles before cleaning.
  3. Eco-Friendly Pre Spray – Next, we will pre-spot your carpet with our eco-friendly pre-spray. This will loosen and lift any tough ground in particles and/or stains ready for the main clean.
  4. Hot Water Extraction Machine – We use leading cleaning technology to ensure a premium clean. Our van mounted machine heats and shoots our cleaning solution into the carpet at high pressure to break up dirt and stains.
  5. Residue Rinse – Our machine then produces a large vacuum to draw the dirt and chemicals out of your carpet. It also lifts the pile to leave your carpets with that ‘brand new’ finish.
  6. Protection Treatment (optional) – For long-lasting results, we can also add a protection treatment to your carpet. This treatment is sprayed on and then brushed in.
  7. Rapid-Dry™ – Where possible, we will use special carpet dryers to rapidly dry your carpets so you walk on them sooner!
  8. Grooming – Finally, we brush your carpet with a grooming rake to help your carpets look as fresh and fluffy as the day you bought them.
  9. Protective Foil Tabs – Furniture is placed back onto the carpet on top of protective foil tabs and styrofoam blocks. These prevent any colour-stain finish from your furniture while the carpet fully dries.

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As mentioned at the beginning of his article, we do offer a range of cleaning packages; this includes an option with protection treatment and also pay monthly maintenance plans.

So if you are looking for professional cleaning, give Careclean a call today on 01245 323989 to book in your free cleaning quote.professional cleaning

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