Remove Chocolate Stains from your Carpet!

As Easter approaches, the chance of getting chocolate on your carpet increases! Today’s blog will tell you how to remove chocolate stains from your carpet.

So how do I remove chocolate stains from my carpet?

Just follow 5 simple steps…

  1. If you do find a chocolate stain, firstly scrape off as much as you can. A blunt knife or a spatula should do the job.
  2. Once you’ve dealt with the excess, you need to get yourself a damp cloth. Dab the area with the cloth. DO NOT rub as this can damage the fibres and ground any remaining chocolate further into the carpet.
  3. Next, use a dry cloth to dab as much as the moisture away as possible.
  4. You can repeat 2 and 3 again if there are still signs of chocolate.
  5. Now just leave the area to dry naturally. You may still see signs of a mark until the carpet has fully dried.  However, please resist the temptation to interfere with it.

In the majority of cases, you will find that by morning, there is no sign of the chocolate!

What if there is still evidence of a mark?

If there is still evidence of chocolate, please don’t be tempted to pull out all your cleaning products. Believe it or not, these can actually make things a lot worse! Furthermore, if they aren’t fully rinsed out, they can leave a residue which can attract dirt and result in future stains.

If you find the chocolate mark late in the day and it’s already dried, it can be trickier to remove. If this is the case or if the above method doesn’t work, then give Careclean a call for advice or to book a free cleaning quote on 01245 323989. More about our carpet cleaning services.


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