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Removing tea and coffee from your carpet

What’s the most common spill we get asked about? Would you believe, it’s tea and coffee? We all love a good cuppa, but what do you do when you spill some on your carpet?  Well, before you head for the cleaning cupboard, WAIT! Read our top tips below for removing the spillage.

Removing tea and coffee from your carpet

When removing tea and coffee from your carpet, you actually take the same approach as any other spillage. Stains generally occur when a substance dries on a fabric… so don’t worry a spillage is not an immediate stain! However, if possible, try to remove tea and coffee as soon as possible after the spill. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Firstly, use a towel or cloth to dab the tea/coffee out. Do not rub as this tends to spread the spill and can damage the carpet pile. Be very patient, take your time and remove as much as possible this way.
  2. Next, dampen a cloth with a little water and dab this onto the area. Again, no rubbing! Then repeat with a dry cloth to again soak up any of the moisture.
  3. When you feel nothing much more is coming out (or you run out of patience!), place a large wad of paper tissues on the area, with a couple of heavy books on top, and leave overnight. This draws liquid out of the carpet into the tissue; by morning things should look a lot better!
  4. Please note, you DON’T need to use fancy cleaning products on the spill. They might temporarily disguise the area but as soon as the soap in them dries, it becomes sticky attracting any dirt and dust that’s floating around.

What if the above method doesn’t work?

If you have tried the above and you do still have a stain appear, then give Careclean Essex a call on 01245 323989. We have specialist equipment to deal with hard to remove stains and have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with spilt coffee and tea!

removing tea and coffee from your carpet

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