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Ever wondered what we do behind the scenes? Today’s blog features Sarah Barber-Jones; Sarah is Kevin and Julie’s daughter and is Careclean’s social media manager and blogger.  Here is Sarah’s story…

Our Careclean team – Sarah, social media manager and blogger

Hello! I’m the voice behind the Careclean blogs and social media! This is a new role for me, only starting at the beginning of the year. Up until 2016, I worked as a full-time fundraiser for a Birmingham based Hospice, and I loved it! I managed the Community Fundraising team, supporting local people to raise money for the charity, recruiting and managing volunteers, and designing fundraising campaigns.

At the beginning of 2016, I started a new chapter in my life as a mummy to a beautiful baby girl. Although I loved my job, I didn’t want to return to work full time after my year’s maternity leave. I secured a part-time home-based fundraising role with another local charity… and then my Dad and I got chatting about Careclean and social media… and that was it!

I’m going to echo what the others have said, and say there really isn’t a typical day for me! I tend to work on Careclean when my little girl is napping or in the evenings. So, what do I do?  Well a lot of it involves liaising with my mum and dad to get content, images and ideas. In terms of my carpet cleaning knowledge, I know quite a bit as i’ve grown up with the business. However this role has required me to learn even more!

I’m always looking for new ideas and am keen to produce content that our customers and readers want.. so if you have any advice or tips on what you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at sl******@li**.uk

I love my job because it’s super flexible, I love writing, and I love the fact that i’m helping my mum and dad with the family business!

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for our next ‘A Day in the life of…’ article coming soon!

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