COVID-19 – a message to all our wonderful customers


To our wonderful customers,

We hope you are keeping safe and well, and have the support you need during these unusual times.

For the first time in 35 years Careclean has had to temporarily stop cleaning, taking an unfamiliar pause with the rest of the UK – and the world. But don’t worry, I want to let you know we are still here for you.

By using our services, we know that you value a clean and healthy home. Although we cannot physically clean your carpets and upholstery at the current time, we can however share our knowledge and expertise so that your home remains your little piece of familiarity and comfort in these uncertain times.

So as a much valued customer and member of our local community, today we have recorded the above video just for you. Plus we will be sending you more in the coming weeks.


Are you classed as vulnerable or do you know someone who is? We have a small stock of our popular Virus & Bacteria Eliminator Spray available FREE of charge to those who need them.  This wonderful product – which is featured in our video – also doubles up as a hand sanitiser and is effective against enveloped viruses (of which Coronavirus is one). We usually charge £12.00 a bottle, but while our small stock lasts we would like to give these out free of charge to vulnerable people in our local community who need them. Just call us today on 01245 323989 and we can arrange to get one to you in the post, or by contact free delivery.

Although we are not able to clean at the current time, please do not hesitate to contact us over the phone if you need any advice/support over the coming weeks.

Have a lovely day and stay safe.

Warmest regards,

Kevin and Julie Barber

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  1. What a lovely thing to offer. I managed to get a spray yesterday for my neighbour and for me (we’ve both been self isolating but I go out when shops are quiet).
    Thank you SO much for your offer though, I really appreciate it. You all keep safe and well.

  2. We are in the process of moving house we are moving into a 3Bed bungalow once all the paperwork is completed. At the moment the property is empty so we were wondering if you have a deep cleaning service, if so what would the charge be.

  3. Thanks for your kind offer. Whilst over 70 we are not in the most vulnerable group. So we shall leave your offer of sanitizer to those most in need.
    When this emergency is over we definitely will require some carpets to be cleaned.
    Thanks again
    Peter and Irene Mamelok

  4. Have received virus bacteria today. Thank u so much . This will be so useful as my husband is still recuperating from a bad fall and is also in the vulnerable group of people. Stay safe during this dreadful time in our lives.

    1. Post

      Pleased it has arrived June – you are very welcome. Sorry to hear your husband had a fall. Stay safe both of you.

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