would you hire a professional cleaner?

Why Should You Hire A Professional Cleaner?

Have you been thinking about getting your carpets or upholstery cleaned? Yes, it can be tempting to get a few quotes and go for the cheapest option. However, we’d urge you to think about hiring a professional cleaner who will clean your home properly and safely. Today, thanks to The National Carpet Cleaner Association (NCCA), we bring you a super video which explains the importance of having your carpets and upholstery cleaned by a professional…

… but before the video, here are some Top Tips to help you spot a real Professional from the rest…

Does a representative of their company offer to visit your home and carry out an in depth survey? They should do!  Here at Careclean Essex we like to visit our customers homes before the clean where possible. This allows to assess material types, specific stains or worn areas and allows us to give each customer our honest opinion on the outcome of the clean and an accurate price too. As we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if customers are not completely satisfied, you can rest assured that we will let you know if we don’t think certain stains/spills will clean out.

Is the company insured? This is so vital to check. Imagine if someone ruined your home and you had to pay for the misfortune! Here at Careclean Essex, we have public liability insurance and insurance for treatment risks; this covers any problems caused by our cleaning. Furthermore, all of our staff are fully trained, and we are proud to say that in 35 years of cleaning we have never had to use our insurance.

Better yet, Careclean are proud members of the NCCA, so you confidently choose us and know you are hiring a professional.

Okay, here’s the video…

The importance of hiring a Professional Cleaner

So, just to recap..

  • People spend more money on soft furnishings in their home than anything else. It’s a fact!
  • Regular professional cleaning will make your soft furnishings last up to 4 times longer.
  • Furthermore, if you don’t have your carpets cleaned every 12 months your warranty might be invalid.
  • All professional carpet cleaning should start with a thorough survey to identify fibre types and the correct cleaning methods.
  • Your carpets filter the air in your home, removing dust, pollen and allergens – great for allergy sufferers! Regular carpet cleaning improves regular air quality.
  • Finally, it’s an unfortunate fact that some people call themselves professional cleaners without any formal training or insurance.

…but don’t worry! The National Carpet Cleaning Association was formed in 1968 and all their members are fully trained and insured.

Careclean Essex are proud members of the NCCA. So now you know, why go anywhere else! Give us a call today on 01245 323989 to book in your free quote or find out more here.

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