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Professional Cleaning – Careclean’s 8-step process

Are you thinking about getting your carpet(s) cleaned? Well, have a read of today’s blog and find out all about Careclean’s excellent 8-step professional cleaning process. We offer a range of carpet cleaning packages. Better yet, all of these include our ‘deep cleaning’ normally referred to as ‘hot water extraction’, which is the best method and the most healthy option for your carpets! Read on to find out more…

Careclean’s 8-step professional cleaning process

  1. Dry vacuuming – Firstly – where required – we vacuum your carpets! |It’s a simple step, but carpets can hide a lot of soil and dry particles; by removing these, it makes it much easier for us to deep clean your carpets.
  2. Pre-spray – After we have removed the dry soil and stains, we now focus on the sticky soils and pollutants in your carpet. To target these, we apply our pre-spray solution and massage this into your carpet.
  3. Deep extraction cleaning – Next, we use our powerful truck-mounted cleaning system. This completely washes your carpets by injecting water into its fibres. Our high powered machines, them remove both the water and the cleaning products… and voila, your carpet is clean and fresh!
  4. Rapid-drying – Where possible we use a turbo-drier. This blows air across the carpet fibres to help the carpet dry quicker. So by the time we have left your house, your carpet is already touch dry!
  5. You inspect –  Before we apply a protector, you will have the opportunity to inspect our cleaning to ensure you are happy with our clean!
  6. Apply protector – We then apply the protective treatment with an electric sprayer. This protector coats the fibres, giving them an invisible shield to help protect your carpet from future spills, dirt and pollutants.
  7. Carpet grooming – To ensure maximum benefit, we massage the protector into the carpet. This helps the solution to spread evenly across the carpet and allows it to stick to each and every fibre. The massaging also helps to realign the carpet pile allowing the carpet to dry quickly.
  8. Final touches – Before we leave, we wipe the skirting boards dry of any over-spray. We also re-position your furniture with special waterproof coasters under each leg to prevent the damp carpet damaging them. Finally, the turbo driers are left on while the rest of the equipment is being packed away.

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As mentioned at the beginning of his article, we do offer a range of cleaning packages; this includes an option with protection treatment and also pay monthly maintenance plans.

So if you are looking for professional cleaning, give Careclean a call today on 01245 323989 to book in your free cleaning quote.professional cleaning

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