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Upholstery cleaning in Essex – Careclean’s professional process

Upholstery Cleaning in Essex

As well as cleaning carpets, Careclean also has 34 years’ professional experience of Upholstery Cleaning in Essex. In today’s blog we detail exactly what our upholstery cleaning service includes.

Careclean’s 5 step upholstery cleaning process

  1. Pre-spot difficult stains – Before bringing in our specialist cleaning machine, we always  take time to pre-spot any difficult, ground in stains. This initial, targeted treatment means that by the end of the full cleaning process, those stains will most likely have vanished.
  2. Pre-spray – We apply a pre-spray to the entire piece of upholstery we are cleaning. This second treatment is specifically designed to lift any oily dirt and pollutants from the fibres (which can be harder to lift than their drier forms). This makes them a lot easier to remove in stage 3.
  3. Hot water extraction machine – This machine heats water to a very high temperature. It then injects a water and cleaning solution blend directly into the fibres. This helps to break up any remaining dirt, bacteria and pollens in the fabric.
  4. Residue rinse – Finally the machine produces a huge vacuum; this draws out all the dirt, chemicals and water out of the upholstery. We use the extraction machine as it ensures a residue free rinse; this maintains the quality of your fibres. Furthermore, as it is so efficient at removing the residues, you will find that it helps to prevent future stains and dirt.
  5. Grooming – Where appropriate, we will groom your furniture to leave it in the best possible condition. Depending on the fabric, this usually involves us running a grooming brush over the fibres.  This ensures they are tangle-free and as ‘fluffy’ as possible.

What about leather?

Yes – we do also clean leather! Click here to read all about our leather cleaning process.

The NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) have this to say…

“No matter what type of upholstery fabric the consumer chooses, at some time in its eventful life, it will require cleaning, some more frequently than others.

Soft furnishings are perhaps one of the largest cash investments in most households, ranking certainly within the top 5 items (also including: the family car, carpets, new kitchen, and new bathroom fittings). Regular cleaning by an NCCA qualified cleaning technician and regular consumer maintenance will extend the life of the delicate upholstery fabrics significantly, as well as keeping them looking good.

These more delicate fabric constructions require a more gentle approach. Using detergents specially formulated for upholstery fabrics, an NCCA trained technician will be able to select the correct method to clean your upholstery fabrics safely and efficiently.”

Thanks NCCA… and just in case you are wondering, yes we are an NCCA approved cleaning technician!

Are youlooking for Upholstery Cleaning in Essex? Call Careclean today on 01245 323989 to book your free upholstery cleaning quote!

upholstery cleaning in essex

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