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5 Great Uses for Leftover Carpet Scraps

Have you just had a new carpet fitted and you have some leftover carpet scraps that you’re not sure what to do with? Well have no fear… the team at Careclean Essex have come up with 5 top ways to make the most of the leftovers!

5 Great Uses for Leftover Carpet Scraps!

1) Moving heavy furniture

If you have any hard floors in your home, moving furniture without scratching the floor can be a tricky and stressful experience!! So how can your carpet scraps help? Just place scraps (pile side down) under the feet of your table or bottom of your dresser; then calmly and effortlessly slide your furniture where it needs to go!

2) Treat the pets

Why not treat your furry friends? You could line your dog’s bed with carpet, or create a scratch post for your cat! Your pets will love you for it!

3) Do your gardening in comfort

Do you get sore and dirty knees when gardening? Roll up a bit of scrap carpet and voila! Comfy for your knees and keeps them cleaner too!

4) Protect your car doors

Do you park in a garage, and worry about scratching your doors when you get in and out of the car? Glue some carpet to your garage walls level with where you open your doors and hey presto your car doors are safe!

5) Exercise comfortably 

Have you decided to start sit-ups but your back feels like it needs a little more padding? Use a piece of scrap carpet as an exercise mat… the fluffier the carpet the better!

And for the brand new carpet you have just had fitted…

Remember to give Careclean a call on 01245 323989 at least once a year to give it a professional clean and keep it in tip-top condition!

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