Carpet protector – how does it work?

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you have probably heard us mention carpet protector on several occasions? You may be wondering what it is and how it works? This blog explains why carpet protector is so worthwhile!

What is carpet protector and why is it so great?

Carpet protector does what it says on the tin… protects your carpets! The protector that Careclean uses is very unique as it coats and encapsulates each and every carpet fibre with an invisible shield. This provides three main benefits:

  1. The protector’s unique formula prevents the House Dust Mite from living on the item. This in turn, reduces the amount of allergens in the home… particularly good news for anyone who suffers with allergies!
  2. Secondly, the protector prevents dry soil/dirt from sticking or scratching the carpet fibres. This means you can remove dirt by vacuuming much more easily. By removing the abrasive dirt particles, the carpet fibres last much longer!
  3. Finally, with a protector applied, most spills will bead on the surface of the carpet. This allows you time to blot them off before they have time to soak in. This means a stain free carpet!

Protected vs unprotected

If you took 2 pieces of carpet, one protected and one not, and spilt cranberry juice on them for example,  the following would happen:

  • non protected carpet – the cranberry juice will soak in immediately
  • protected carpet – the cranberry juice will sit in small beads on the surface of the carpet

The advantage of the beading is that you can go and grab a piece of kitchen towel or a cloth, blot the area and the spill comes straight out. It is much more difficult to remove a spill once it has been absorbed into the carpet.

The protection treatment coats the fibres; it doesn’t stop them from getting dirty, but it will stop the dirt from sticking, making it easier to vacuum off. The protector is worn off by everyday use, so needs to be topped up, every 12 months for the average family.

Careclean offers a range of carpet cleaning options. Check out our blog on cleaning packages to find out more. Call Careclean today on 01245 323 989 to book your free quote.

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