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Carpet benefits – why we love them!

Now you might say, well of course you love carpets, you are carpet cleaners, after all. Well yes, that is true, but we also really do LOVE carpets! Read on to find out all about the carpet benefits that we love.

Carpet benefits explained!

C – Calm home. Imagine for a second, five pairs of school kids’ feet on a hard floor…does the saying a herd of elephants spring to mind? Well, without your carpet, believe me, it would sound just like that! Carpets absorb sounds, and provide a more peaceful, stress-free home as a result!

A – Allergies. Without carpets, you can expect to do 50% more dusting!! Carpets can reduce your housework (definite benefit!). However, they also can result in a more hygienic environment and can help to reduce allergies such as asthma and hay fever. This is because, carpet fibres draw in dust particles, which stay safely contained until you vacuum.

R – Reduce heating bills. Simply put, carpet keeps us warm! Not only does your carpet act as a visual comforter, it also acts as a thermal insulator, retaining heat within its dense pile and backing material.  It is proven that you will feel at least 2C warmer with a carpet fitted! so let’s save on those heating bills!

P – Pampering! A soft resilient carpet is comfortable on your toes and gentle on the joints. Furthermore, if you walk on it barefoot as often as possible, it is, according to prominent orthopedic specialists, equivalent to the effects of natural reflex massage treatment. Sounds like a nice bit of pampering to us!

E – Eco-friendly! Yes your carpets can contribute to an eco-friendly home! Many carpets and carpet products, are now tested for contaminants, emissions and potentially dangerous odours. Once tested, a certification mark, enables you to identify carpets that are eco-friendly.

T – Time – Put off by carpet maintenance? It really takes minimal time. A quick regular vacuum with an efficient vacuum cleaner, will extract dust and dirt and keep your carpets looking great!

So what do you think?

After reading our list of carpet benefits, i’m sure you’ll agree with us that carpets are pretty fantastic!!

… and remember, when your carpet is looking a bit tired or dull, just give Careclean a call on 01245 323 989 to give it a bit of specialist pampering!

carpet benefits

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