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Carpet Cleaning Myths – The Truth by Careclean

Carpet Cleaning Myths – part 2

Today we bring you part 2 of our feature on common carpet cleaning myths. Along with Paul Pearce (Technical Director of the National Carpet Cleaners Association) we help set the record straight…

“You should wait as long as possible before cleaning a carpet”

It’s not just the dirt you can see, but it’s the dirt in your carpet that’s the problem.  Dirt is an abrasive (like sandpaper) and every time you step on your carpet, you grind dirt into its fibres.  This cuts your carpet, just as if you were using a knife!  Understandably, this causes your carpet to wear out faster. While vacuuming certainly helps, by itself, it’s simply not enough!  Carpet protecting solutions are great, however over time these will wear away, so you should have a protector re-applied at least once a year to stop spills from staining your carpet.

In summary, the longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpet and the faster it wears out.

“When you get your carpet cleaned it stays wet for days”

Ever decided against having your carpets cleaned as you think they’ll be wet for days? If you have your carpets cleaned by a professional cleaner with high-tech equipment, this just isn’t the case. Although your carpets will be completely washed and water will be injected into the fibres, Careclean uses high-powered machines to remove as much of the moisture as we can. In addition, where possible we use our Rapid-Dry system, which blows air across the fibres and helps dry the carpets so even before we leave your carpets will be touch-dry!

“If someone in the house has an allergy rip up the carpets”

Did you know that the air in your home contains millions of tiny particles made up of lots of things including outdoor pollutants, pollens and allergens? You may have seen these particles when bright sunlight come into a room, especially if you hit the back of your sofa! Most of these particles eventually land on the floor. With hard floors, the dust will become airborne once you walk across it. However carpets act like a giant filter and trap the dust! This stays safely contained  until you can remove it by vacuuming and/or professional cleaning. All we recommend, is that you clean them regularly.

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