Removing Christmas Tree Sap from your Carpet

Are you looking for a guide to removing Christmas Tree Sap from your Carpet? Well don’t worry, we can help!

For a lot of people, the start of Christmas is signalled by going out to choose that all important tree. The beautiful fresh pine smell and the beauty of a live tree is hard to beat, though it can be messy, particularly if it drops sap, which can be a nightmare to get out of your carpet. If you look online, you’ll find various methods for removing sap, but today we will give you what we think is the most effective method to remove this safely and efficiently.

Careclean’s Top Tips for Removing Tree Sap from your Carpet

Tree sap can be very tricky (and sticky!) to remove. Plus if it’s not done properly, it can actually cause long-term damage to your carpet. But don’t panic. If you do find some sap on your carpet, we can show you how to remove it.

Removing Christmas Tree Sap from your Carpet:

FIRSTLY, complete the following steps on an inconspicuous area of carpet first (maybe behind a sofa or dresser), just to check that your carpet doesn’t react and end up damaged.

  1. Firstly you need to arm yourself with some rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser (p.s. makes sure it DOES include alcohol). You will then need to apply this with a clean (un-dyed) soft cloth or some white paper towels. Blot the sap gently with the cloth/towels – you don’t want to rub as this can damage the carpet fibres. Also, make sure to keep using fresh parts of the cloth to avoid reapplying the sap!
  2. If the sap is deep into your carpet fibres, you may need to massage the alcohol in with your fingers to help it loosen.
  3. Once applied, you then want to leave it to dry. The alcohol will harden the sap making it possible to gently lift off. You can repeat the above steps if some sap still remains.
  4. Finally, rinse with a clean cloth and lukewarm water and blot (with another clean cloth) to dry.
  5. DO NOT start raiding your kitchen cupboard and testing out different cleaning chemicals. Most of these will contain soapy substances which are very difficult to clean out, and if left will leave a sticky residue attracting more dirt resulting in a long-term stain.

PLEASE NOTE – If you need to remove tree sap from a hard floor, then avoid the alcohol but go for a water-based cleaner instead. This is to make sure you don’t strip the floor of any oil or lacquer.

If you don’t feel confident trying to remove the sap or yourself or you find the above method hasn’t removed all of the sap, then please give Careclean a call on 01245 323989.

Other Christmas Tree Related Spills!

As well as our top tips for removing Christmas Tree Sap from your carpet, here are some other tips to get you through the holiday season…

Needles dropping – Have you ever bought a Christmas Tree and then by the time you’ve got to Christmas Day most of the needles have fallen off? Just like cut flowers, your Christmas Tree will need watering. You can get a Christmas Tree stand with a water dish so you can keep it adequately watered. Although this won’t completely prevent the pine needles from dropping, it will make a big difference. Also keep your tree away from radiators and heaters if possible as these will just dry our your tree faster.

Water leakage – As we mentioned above, it’s important to keep your tree hydrated. However a leak on your carpet could cause damage. Protect your carpet first with something waterproof that can catch the water if it spills. You don’t need to buy anything fancy – a big tray, an off cut of carpet protector or a waterproof mat will do just fine.

Stand staining – Be cautious with coloured Christmas Tree stands. More often than not, these are green and if the stand becomes wet, it can transfer its colouring on to the carpet… not great if you have a cream carpet!  As mentioned in our tip above, put some sort of protection underneath, possibly an off cut of carpet that you don’t mind getting stained.

… and finally, whilst on the subject on keeping your carpets stain free during the festive season, you can also click on the following links to read our articles on removing candle wax, red wine and Christmas Dinner stains from your carpets.

Happy Holidays!

removing Christmas tree sap from your carpet

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