Removing tough stains

Today we will talk about removing tough stains. For a lot of spills, just plain water used in the right way can be hugely effective (see an earlier blog we wrote for more info). However sometimes you need something a little stronger…

Removing tough stains

  1. Your first step is to act fast! The longer a spill is left before it’s treated, the more likely it will stain. Get yourself a soft towel or something similar.  Then gently dab the area to blot up as much of the liquid as possible. DON’T work the spill further into the carpet pile, by rubbing or scrubbing, which could also damage the pile in the process!
  2. Next, make up a simple solution consisting of: 1tsp of gentle wool detergent, 300ml water and – for urine, tea, and coffee – 1tsp of white vinegar. Dab this solution into the spill.
  3. Next using a dry cloth, you want to dab away as much of the moisture as possible… Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you need to.
  4. Now mix one-part white vinegar with four-parts water in a spray bottle, and spray this onto the area. This will help to reduce re-soiling.
  5. Now lay an absorbent cloth or a stack of paper towels over the area with a heavy book on top. Ideally you want to leave this for 6-12 hours. This will gradually absorb any remaining moisture (plus the original spill) from the carpet.

As an alternative to the solutions suggested above, you can use Careclean’s Spotter. We will provide you with a 500ml bottle of spotter for just £12! Better yet, it’s guaranteed to last a long time, with just a small spray per spill needed.  To get your bottle, just call Careclean on 01245 323989. You can either collect the solution from our office in Rettendon or we can arrange to drop it off to you when we are in your area.

removing tough stains

Removing tough stains – What if the above method doesn’t work?

If the above method doesn’t work, then please don’t hesitate to give Careclean a call on 01245 323989. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer you advice.  Furthermore, if required, we can book in a free cleaning quote for you too.

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