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Careclean’s October Monthly Offer

Every month Careclean Essex launches a new monthly offer for new and existing customers. From free carpet cleans to amazon vouchers to free protection treatment, each month is different! You can always find the latest offers on our Facebook page or on our website. Here is October’s offer…

Throughout October, get a FREE bottle of spotter for every no obligation quote booked!

What is a bottle of spotter you ask?

Well to answer that, we need to recap on our top tips for preventing stains…

  • Stains generally occur when a substance dries on a fabric.  Therefore it is very important to try to remove the offending substance while it is still damp (even if this means keeping it damp).
  • To do this use anything absorbent (towels, tissues etc.) and dab the liquid out. Try to resist the temptation to rub as this tends to spread the mark and can damage the carpet pile. Be very patient, take your time and remove as much as possible this way.
  • Then using a damp cloth, dab the area gently, and then repeat the above step with a dry cloth to again remove as much moisture as possible.
  • Please note, DO NOT put lots of soapy substances/chemicals/cleaning solutions onto the spill/stain unless you are prepared to completely rinse them out. These might temporarily disguise the mark but as soon as the soap dries, it becomes sticky attracting any dirt and dust that’s floating around, in time creating another stain!

In most cases the above method will work , however if it doesn’t, then you can try Careclean’s Spotter…

Careclean’s Spotter


If the above method doesn’t work on your carpet spills/stains, then you can use a non-foaming carpet spotter. Careclean sells this for £12 a bottle, but throughout October you can get one for free just by booking in a no obligation quote with Careclean!

So why is Careclean’s spotter so good? Well, unlike most other spotters, ours does not leave foam in the carpet… and as we mentioned earlier, using something foamy/soapy will often cause a bigger problem, as it can attract dirt.  

To use our spotter, firstly blot as much of the spill away as possible with a dry cloth/tissue. Then using the spotter, just spray a light mist over the spill/mark and keep blotting. You will find in most cases the spill will leave no mark.

What’s the Offer again?

Throughout October, get a FREE bottle of spotter for every no obligation quote booked!  

Just give Careclean Essex a call during October on 01245 323989 to book in a FREE cleaning quote* AND mention this offer over the phone. We will then bring a FREE bottle of spotter with us to your arranged quote!  

*Before any cleaning, we like to visit customers’ homes to assess their cleaning needs and to let you know our honest and professional opinion on the likely outcome of the clean.   Learn more about our carpet cleaning services here.  

Want more Offers like this?

Careclean has been established for over 35 years and has a vast knowledge of carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance. We post a weekly blog, which often includes carpet and upholstery cleaning tips and guidance on keeping your home clean and healthy. Click here to check out our blog. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on all the latest news and offers.

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