Clean or re-cover your beloved upholstery?

“I love my sofa but it’s looking worse for wear!”

Should you clean or re-cover your upholstery? For many people, replacing their sofa or armchair just isn’t an option. Maybe it goes with their decor, or it’s been in the family for years and years. If you’re in this situation, today’s blog will give you our honest advice on whether it’s time to re-cover your upholstery or whether it just needs a clean!

Clean or re-cover your upholstery?

It’s looking a little worse for wear, but you are undecided whether to clean or re-cover your upholstery? In most cases it’s much cheaper and less hassle to have your upholstery cleaned. However there are some cases where we would recommend you re-covering it.
Generally we advise that if your upholstery is visibly worn or damaged then re-covering it might be the best option, as cleaning will do little to help this. Similarly if you have ground in stains that won’t budge, again it might be time to re-cover your upholstery.

…but how do I know if the stains are going to come out?

Here at Careclean, before completing any cleaning, we like to visit your home to have a good look at your carpets/upholstery. We then will recommend a cleaning package that’s appropriate to your carpets and your needs. For example…
  • You have a large family and/or cats and dogs who like your armchairs (!) – we might suggest a ‘clean and protect’ to help keep your upholstery cleaner for longer
  • You want more regular cleans and an emergency call out option – we will show you our maintenance plan
  • Looking for something quick and easy (but still a high quality clean!)? How about our ‘clean only’ option

There is a BIG advantage of us looking at your upholstery first. We will give you our honest opinion on whether stains are going to come out or not. We will tell you if your worn sofa is not going to look much different! Now, you might be thinking, you’re an upholstery cleaner, you’re not going to persuade me not to have my sofa cleaned! Well, the fact is that Careclean offers a full refund if customers aren’t 100% satisfied with the work. Therefore we won’t make promises we can’t keep! We will give you our honest and professional opinion and you can decide from there.

Hear from some of our customers…

“You left a 10 year old suite looking brilliant. Service was first class – you did what you said and were polite, friendly and mess-free throughout.” Mrs McCarthy, Chelmsford
“Couch came up amazing – looks like new again. Would definitely recommend & use again.” Ms Bates, Rochford
“We were very pleased with the cleaning of the furniture – the result was much better that we thought it would be. The job was completed quicker than we thought it would be – very efficient. We appreciated that everything was explained to us.” Mr and Mrs Newman, Rayleigh

Book in your free quote

So, what do you think? Still undecided on whether to clean or recover your upholstery? Give Careclean a call today on 01245 323989 to book in your free quote and get our expert advice.

… and if you are undecided… just look at the difference we made on this sofa cushion!

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